Meaning of Emerging Infectious Diseases

Meaning of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases

Meaning of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases

Emerging Infectious Diseasesmeans new types of infectious diseases with an increasing in patient report over the past 20 years or infectious diseases with an increasing possibility in the near future. It includes newly occurred diseases in one place, or diseases that have just spread to another area. It also includes diseases that once were controllable by antibiotic but apparently are become resistant. The examples of emerging infectious diseases are AIDS, Avian Influenza, and drug resistant tuberculosis etc.

Re-emerging Infectious Diseases means infectious diseases that used to create outbreak in the past and subsided for a number of years but are occurred again, for examples, tuberculosis, hemorrhage fever, and malaria, etc.

Emerging infectious diseases and re-emerging infectious diseases causes and preventions 1Causes of emerging infectious diseases

  1. Changes in lifestyle or daily-life such as bringing child to child care center with a number of children. If the places and food of such child care center is not hygienic or if children are not taken care of well enough, they may infected with respiratory infectious diseases or diarrhea.
  2. Consuming raw food, half-cooked food, or tinned food can cause food poisoning.
  3. Having sex without protection or having sex since very young can cause AIDS or sexual transmitted diseases.
  4. Using the same syringe in taking drugs can cause AIDS and hepatitis virus.
  5. Some advancement in treating diseases for example transplantation, receiving steroid or chemotherapy can cause infection easily.


Everyone can prevent oneself from illness by keeping oneself fit in order to build up the immunization, eating healthy food, exercising, taking rest and relaxing, mental exercising, refraining from drugs and risky behaviors, quitting cigarettes, maintain hygiene, preserve the environment, paying attention to world news for updating situations, etc.

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